Edible Dried Flower Petals and Fresh Edible Flowers

Enjoy the flavour and beauty of edible flower petals dried and blended into a Savoury or Sweet mix. These mixes are a convenient and versatile way to enjoy the taste and the remarkable beauty of edible flowers throughout the year. Like any fine spice, these petals are best enjoyed in the company of food. Sprinkle lightly as many of these dried petals have intense flavours and dramatic colours.

Select from Marigold, Calendula, Geranium or multi coloured Bachelor Buttons. These packaged dried Petals capture the essence of our farm gardens. Perfect for creating your own blend or use individually to flavour and garnish a favourite food. Using a time honored method; we crystallize many of our edible flowers with pasteurized egg whites and an organic sugar. These crystallized flowers are incredible as a natural garnish or decoration.

Please contact the Farm on the availability of whole Fresh Edible Flowers or Fresh Edible Petals. The taste and the brilliance of fresh edible petals are incomparable.

Gram weight varies by petal mix or type of flower. Larger bulk or foodservice packages are also available in individual bags.

~Sharing the Best of Our Garden~